Here's how to figure out your raise:

Compare last year's contract with this years. Subtract this year's number from last years. Now divide this year's section or per credit hour rate by the difference between this year and last year. This will allow you to find the percentage increase.

The minimum you were to receive is 2.1%; any additional money is based on merit considerations. A minimum of 3% needs to be distributed in each department when all raises are added together and averaged. The University can also offer raises in increments higher than these limits. However, no one should be making less than $1110 a credit hour if they are in their first four years of service, or $1160 after teaching 27 credit hours or after four years of service whichever happens first. (In addition, added to the above should be the 2.1% minimum yearly increase for ALL returning instructors. The university does not the option of selective salary reductions whether by department or for any other reason. Please note many instructors have will continue to make more than these minimums.)

If your pay is not at the proper level, please notify someone in the union leadership as soon as you receive the contract

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