Dues Agency Fee

The dues for the academic year 2020-2021 are listed below.

Please note: The dues amounts are taken out of seven paychecks in the fall and seven paychecks in the spring.

under $3,900: $5.97 per paycheck
$3,800 - $8,499: $7.97 per paycheck

$8,500 - $16,999: $13.44 per paycheck

$17,000 - $25,499: $24.39 per paycheck

$25,500 - $33,999: $32.21 per paycheck

$34,000 and higher: $47.35 per paycheck

The local Adjuncts United yearly dues are on a semi-sliding scale. They have not been raised for several years.

However, we also pay affiliate dues to New York State United Teachers/American Federation of Teachers and in return NYSUT/AFT offers us services (legal, financial etc.) and money to defray representation costs. NYSUT and AFT also offer member benefits, see the Resources page. We begin withdrawing dues once we receive either a membership form or agency fee authorization form, when the person is actively teaching. All bargaining unit members must choose either to become a member, or pay an equivalent agency fee.

2020-2021 Total Yearly Dues Schedule and Breakdown Based on Salary:

Full dues ($34,000 and higher per year): AFT $234.96 NYSUT $378.00 AU $50 Total per year $662.96

3/4 dues ($25,500 to $33,999 per year): AFT $117.48 NYSUT $283.50 AU $50 Total per year $450.98

1/2 dues ($17,000 to $25,499 per year): AFT $117.48 NYSUT $189.00 AU $35 Total per year $341.48

1/4 dues ($8,500 to $16,999 per year): AFT $58.74 NYSUT $94.50 AU $35 Total per year $188.24

1/8 dues ($3,900 to $8,499 per year): AFT $29.37 NYSYT $47.25 AU $35 Total per year $111.62

Minimum dues (under $3,900 per year): AFT $29.37 NYSUT $47.25 AU $7 Total per year $83.62

Some have asked why we need to collect dues:

Dues or agency fees go directly to the cost of representation. Why does representation cost money? If we have a grievance that goes to binding arbitration we need to pay the costs of half the arbitrator's fee as well as any other experts we may need to help us make our case. In general NYSUT, our state level organization, helps with these costs, but the approximate cost to us is about $2000 per case. Also there are bank fees, supplies, travel expenses, event expenses, etc.

Some have asked what happens if you don't submit the form as requested:

We will contact you, but we may first confirm your status with Human Resources. This is not to be construed as any form of a threat, but statuses change, and the lists we receive may have inaccuracies on both sides, so if you feel you should not have received a form asking us about it would be helpful to us, or if you want to know why you did not receive a form that is helpful too. We are trying to make this process as easy as possible for you.

What if you refuse to sign the authorization form?

According to our agreement you must either pay equivalent agency fee or membership dues. If you were first hired as a Part-Time Faculty Member in the Fall of 2016 or later, you cannot be rehired in any subsequent academic year until and unless you sign a form authorizing dues deduction.

Want to have a voice? Become a member…

Even if you choose not to become a member, we will still represent you should you need our help.

Other questions? Contact our Treasurer Kari Shaw at moc.rr.yncwt|wahsek#moc.rr.yncwt|wahsek

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