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Four Adjuncts United Scholarships will be awarded this year to children of active members. The member/parent must have paid dues during the 2015/16 academic year. The child must be enrolled in an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university taking at least 12 credit hours per semester. For other requirements and more information look at the application. Applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Last minute course openings should be announced via email, and posted on our bulletin boards, but you need to apply via the Human Resources website. This ensures records of who applies, so that we can make sure your rights are protected. The department's must choose among the top three most senior and qualified candidates that apply. If you previously taught the course you are qualified, if not you may still be based on your background.

Contracts for first year courses were due out no later than August 1. For all non-first year course schedules by July 1. If you have any issues or concerns contact your school representative of one of the officers.

Professional Development Fund award actual disbursed amounts for last year will be out soon. If your travel was in July, and you were approved submit your receipts for reimbursement. You need not wait for the fall deadline.

Contract non-renewal notification is May 1. That means if your contract is up for renewal you need notice by then from the university. Also your department is required to evaluate you once during your contract period. If this did not occur, please let us know.

If you lose a course due to lack of sufficient enrollment make sure the university is using the proper protocol for cutting instructor's sections when it results in reductions of contracted sections. It should be based on seniority and qualifications. Contact us immediately if you need our assistance or advice.

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