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Adjuncts United is dedicated to protecting, advocating, and ensuring the rights of all part-time faculty on the Syracuse University campus. We are a NYSUT/AFT affiliate. If you are part of our bargaining unit, and require information or assistance you are in the right place.

Negotiations: Every three years we negotiate a new contract with Syracuse University. The expiring (purple) contract is available on the HR website at http://humanresources.syr.edu/resources/faculty/adjuncts-united/. Click on "Adjuncts United Contract". We have completed negotiations for our next contract. Here you can find a short summary of the changes. President Laurel Morton made a short video clip about the changes, available at https://www.screencast.com/t/pDCw9slAq. Ballots have gone out to all dues-paying members who were active in either Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017. If you do not receive a ballot soon, contact Treasurer Kari Shaw.

Breaking News The Adjuncts United Scholarship is now accepting applications! If you have been a dues-paying member in the fall of 2016 or the spring of 2017 your college-enrolled children may be eligible. This is the current information.

The Professional Development Fund is ready for requests. Here is the Professional Development Fund application. Once your application has been approved, Professional Development Fund reimbursement forms can be found on the Comptrollers website

Dues information can be found at Dues Agency Fee

Need a Membership Form? To join Adjuncts United fill out this form. Here is an instruction sheet to help you fill it out correctly. If you choose not to join, but to pay the Agency Fee instead, you can find that form here.

Get Involved There are many ways to get involved in the union's activities. Consider being a departmental representative. We also have training opportunities in the following: leadership, grievance, membership, and more.


We are looking for a Secretary and or a Membership Chair.

We are looking for members of our new Scholarship Committee. This committee will determine how our newly established Adjuncts United Scholarship is awarded. Members are eligible if they do not have high school or college age children.

We also have openings for Executive Committee members. If you are interested email the president— moc.liamtoh|tromnasal#moc.liamtoh|tromnasal.

Audit Reports are posted under resources.

How much are dues/agency fee anyway?
What was your raise this year?
How long was your contract?
Want to know if you are eligible for benefits and which ones?
Are your seniority credits correct?
Do your department's practices align with the our labor agreement?
Need a membership form?

If you can't find your answer here, or wish to get in touch with a real person, please find contact information below for our officers and other Executive Committee members:

Laurel Morton, President

Jessica Posner, Vice President

Kari Shaw, Treasurer

Executive Committee:

Arts & Sciences

  • Maureen Fitzsimmons ude.rys|isztifrm#ude.rys|isztifrm
  • Samuel Gruber moc.liamg|reburGleumaS#moc.liamg|reburGleumaS

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Gail Hoffman moc.rr.yncwt|deirffoh#moc.rr.yncwt|deirffoh
  • Carmel Nicoletti ude.rys|elocinmc#ude.rys|elocinmc

College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Harold Burstyn moc.emani|nytsrub#moc.emani|nytsrub

NYSUT Labor Specialist: Heather Clemens gro.liamtusyn|snemelch#gro.liamtusyn|snemelch

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